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A small business with big results - you'll be amazed at what we can do.

Corporate Overview

Nouveau Group, Inc. creates custom software applications to solve unique and unusual business needs, for which there is no viable solution available at this time. We are about enabling you to do things that you couldn't achieve with currently available options.

Our Value Proposition

We are a company of the 21st century. Beyond the concept of off-shore development, we use just-in-time domestic resources to provide the most appropriate skill for each task. Every project situation is different. We provide a range of services, from full-service project management to remediation of project disasters.

Nouveau Group brings the services that are provided to Fortune 500 firms, to small and medium-sized businesses. We can do that because for more than 20 years our people worked with Fortune 100 companies. Focus on results. Contact us to discuss your business problems and what can be done to dramatically improve your business applications.

Does This Sound Familiar?

It's quite simple. Can't get the combination of business reports that you need? Have to do too much manual data re-entry? Have paper instead of electronic data? Need a commercial-grade product developed rapidly? Want a phased, bootstrap approach to a new initiative? Those are all situations that can be addressed by our custom business solutions. Custom doesn't mean proprietary. We build our solutions to support your business process and integrate into your purchased and legacy applications.

Request a quote for a specific problem. Then you can enhance your business bottom line.

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