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Update, Rewrite, or Create from scratch - Excel macros are useful!

Excel macros can be powerful business tools. But the macros should be written as VBA applications within Excel, and can include quite sophisticated functionality of Excel or other applications as linked code modules.

With the modular object-oriented code of Microsoft's applications, Excel can be used as the user interface for a custom application, while utilizing all the built-in analyses and computational functionality of Excel. Database access, web enabling, custom report formats and more can be a part of an Excel macro. Unique and useful standalone utilities can be created with Excel.

We have over 15 years experience writing Excel macros, from the first versions of Microsoft Excel's simple macros to current software using the VBA programming language. If you have legacy Excel macros, we can reverse engineer and document the current functionality. We can also convert the outdated macro code to VBA, with the same or enhanced functionality.

If you're using Excel as a database repository, it may be time to migrate that data into Access or SQL Server, where you can continue to grow and have a full-featured database. We do data migration, which often requires substantial clean up and data type conversion. We often automate the task by creating utility conversion macros.

If the performance is no longer there for your current macros, fix the problem! Sometimes an Excel macro makes great business sense. Start with a standard product that you already have, and know how to use. Then create a custom application to do exactly what you need.

If it can help you perform your business tasks, why not do it? Contact us for a quote.